Are you suffering from premature ejaculation?

Embarrassed that you can’t last long enough in bed?

You’re not alone.

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual dysfunction that plagues millions of men all over the world.

It’s characterized by not being able to withhold an orgasm, and often reaching climax within seconds or less than one minute.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately this condition is also often brought along with depression, anxiety, low self worth, and a lack of confidence.

It can hurt relationships and create a vicious cycle in which a man ejaculates prematurely, giving him more anxiety about sex, making the situation worse.

But, what causes PE exactly?

That and how to solve your case is laid out ahead.


Believe it or not, but masturbation is one of the biggest culprits for premature ejaculation.

Men who masturbate often try to reach climax has soon as possible in hopes of not getting caught or to self pleasure in a short amount of time.

As a result, they train their brain and penis to ejaculate much faster than it should.

This translates over to real life sex in which a man will climax very quickly.

Similarly, the average young male already has a sensitive and excitable nervous system. This means that when they engage in sex, the male body is already at odds to ejaculate prematurely, let alone if other habits contribute.

This is why we recommend to reduce how often you masturbate as much as possible.

Since masturbation has been shown in some studies to reduce chances of prostate cancer, improve mood, and relieve stress, it does have some benefits.

Higher testosterone levels have been noted when men perform abstinence from masturbation, as well.

This can lead to better muscle and strength gains, focus, and other beneficial experiences.

All in all, try to reduce masturbation to every couple of weeks to reap the rewards and reduce the symptoms of masturbation.

Sexual anxiety


Sex is glorified on our culture. It’s everywhere you look. This includes social media, television, music, and more.

Because it’s put on such a huge pedestal, men often get anxious about sex.

They want to be able to perform properly, pleasure their partner, and not experience any awkward moments.

The further thing can be from the truth.

Sex can be a funny and awkward thing no matter how experienced you are.

It’s supposed to be a fun and beautiful thing to do with a partner, so try to look at it in a more positive way if possible.

Furthermore, some gentlemen get anxiety because of their existing premature ejaculation.

They know that they may climax early, and this creates further feelings of anxiousness.

Take this study from 2014 as an example. They took 28 records of men who were experiencing PE between the times of January 2012 and January 2013. The patients were classified in groups of either lifelong, acquired, natural variable, or premature-like ejaculatory dysfunction.

This essentially meant that the men either have had it throughout their whole life, acquired it later, experience it occasionally, or have something similar.

The researchers found that men with acquired premature ejaculation, which is normally via porn and masturbation, had significantly higher amounts of performance anxiety. Martial issues were also discovered to be common in both the lifelong and acquired groups. This is most likely because it can cause trouble in relationships.

Relationship issues

Unhealthy relationships can be the cause of some men’s PE. Think about it. If you feel pressured to have sex or your partner is very sexually demanding, this can create anxiety and stress.

As a result, you may ejaculate rapidly.

Similar to other reasons that cause PE in the first place, this can create a cycle in which the situation makes cases of premature ejaculation worse.

If you believe this is why you’re experiencing it yourself, the first step is to have a serious dialogue with your partner.

Explain to them that you think you’re experiencing PE because of the demanding nature of the sexual relationship.

If you’re self conscious or worried about it, don’t be afraid to tell them this, either.

You need to have an honest and unfiltered conversation. The end goal would be to have both parties understand each other, and create a sex life they both enjoy.

For example, you could focus more on foreplay and making love versus jumping straight to intercourse where the problem of PE will arrive.

Cultural aspects

Some cultures around the world don’t view sex the same way we do in the west. In some countries, it frowned upon and seen as a bad thing at least until marriage.

Because of this, some men may experience PE because cultural norms create a sense of anxiety and fear about sex.

This makes them subconsciously or consciously wish to get through sex as fast as possible to not risk any repercussions.

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