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Some men for many different reasons lack energy in bed, and it can negatively impact their relationship and self esteem.

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Follow along as we review its benefits, side effects, alternatives and more.

What is Vars Performance?

Vars Performance

Vars Performance is a natural supplement that is designed to drastically increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body.

And what does that do you ask?

Well, nitric oxide is a compound that’s already produced in the body, but due to poor diet, lack of exercise, and other reasons, you may be lacking it.

As a result, you may find it difficult to get or sustain erections or remain aroused.

Since nitric oxide supports vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels, Vars Performance help improve blood flow all around the body, including the penis.

This gives you maximum amount of stamina in bed to make better love to your pattern while also getting longer lasting erections.

Vars Performance is also made to boost testosterone, which has a huge impact on libido and sexual performance.

This is especially important for any older gentleman, as testosterone naturally declines as you age.

Those interested in these benefits can get a free trial to see how good it is first-hand.

Vars Performance ingredients

So, what’s in this supplement that makes it so effective?

Many things, including:

Ptychopetalum olacoides extract

This native South American plant has been used for centuries by different cultures to improve sexual performance, libido, and energy.

Scientific studies have also shown that it has a positive effect on stress, as well.

If you’re feeling stressed over not being able to please your woman, get erections, or other problems, it can help relieve those symptoms, too.

This plant also strengthens the body, relaxes blood vessels, and encourage blood flow to the penis. You will notice that you gain erections faster and easier than ever before.

You will wonder why you never tried Vars Performance and changed your life for the better years ago.

Coleus forskohlii

This is a tropical plants that is full of healthy fatty acids and alkaloids.

It is known to increase testosterone, strength, stamina, muscle mass, and libido at the same time!

It also lowers high blood pressure and boosts your metabolism, meaning you will be healthier and lose fat.

Not only is that plant amazing for sex, but overall health.

You will feel stronger in the gym, and be able to throw your woman around playfully in the bedroom.


This organic compound has been found in a 2011 study to improve the hardness of men’s erections.

It does this by increasing the amount of production of nitric oxide, relaxing arteries, and boosting blood flow.

This compound has also been found to stimulate muscle growth and athletic abilities.

The amino acids located within l-citruline reduce fatigue and speed up recovery, as well.

You will be able to have much longer sex thanks to this ingredient, and you will tire out your lover for the first time in a while.

Urtica dioica root extract

This perennial plant contains active compounds which improves blood flow all of your body and reduces inflammation.

It’s great for your health in general, but the blood flow benefit also means more blood will be able to enter the sponge-like areas of the penis.

Red Korean ginseng

If there’s a single ingredient known to ramp up libido and energy…

It’s ginseng.

It is commonly used in Asia to combat fatigue, heighten stamina, and have a better sex life.

Here’s the thing.

Korean ginseng in particular has been studied by researchers, concluding that it improves libido, relieves sexual dysfunctions, and acts as a well rounded energy booster.

Don’t you want that?

Don’t you want to feel energetic, happy, and aroused again on a regular basis?

Aren’t you sick of not being able to have passionate hot sex?

You should be. And that’s why you need to try a free trial of Vars Performance.

Vars Performance benefits

Better blood pressure

High blood pressure can be caused by stress, anxiety, lack of exercise, a poor diet, and many other reasons.

It can also be a symptom of having a poor sex life and underwhelming sexual performance.

If you can’t get it up or please your lover, what kind of man are you?

You will have low self esteem, lack confidence, and this can easily shoot your blood pressure through the roof.

This is why Vars Performance lowers blood pressure, ensuring that you not only perform better in bed, but feel better in general and liver a longer life.

Increased sex drive

Does your girlfriend or wife complain that you don’t have the same energy that you had in the past?

Do you notice that you don’t have the drive to have sex with your partner?

Either of these situations aren’t good.

That means that your libido is low, and it can negatively effect many areas of your life.

It’s not uncommon for partners to leave their man because they don’t please them enough.

Low testosterone and energy in general can result in a lacking career, business, or physique, as well.

You can look forward to feeling revitalized and full of sexual energy very quickly after taking Vars Performance.

Improved strength and endurance

Do you work out? Do you play sports like golf?

Then you need to stay toned and in good shape.

Heck, your lover wants you to be in good shape, too.

Do you think she really wants to see your flabby belly on top of her?

NO! She wants a ripped six pack as you have steamy hot sex.

Vars Performance will help you get in better shape, hit the gym harder, and ultimately be bigger and stronger.

This will help your confidence, self esteem, and relationship all at once.

Bigger and longer lasting erections

Having trouble getting or sustaining erections?

Don’t worry. It’s normal.

Thanks to the boost in nitric oxide with Vars Performance, more blood will be able to enter your penis, speeding up how fast you get an erection.

On top of more testosterone, stamina, and focus, you will also be able to keep erections until your done tiring out your partner.

Vars Performance side effects

One of the best parts of using this supplement is that THERE IS NO SIDE EFFECTS.

But, how can this be?

An erectile dysfunction supplement without side effects?

Simply because it uses natural ingredients, and it isn’t a hard drug.

Take a look at Viagra’s side effects, for example:

Viagra side effects

Would you risk headaches, nausea, back pain, abnormal vision, and permanent damage to your penis just for a few hours of libido?

Why would you when you can get a free trial of a natural cure like Vars Performance?

Vars Performance alternatives

Hey, maybe Vars Performance isn’t for you.

And that’s okay.

There are many different alternatives you can give a shot that will achieve the same benefits of better erections, sex, and relationships.

Here a few.


Bluechew is one of the most popular ED drugs because it allows men to skip awkward doctor visits, get erections easily, and live life again.

They currently offer a few different plans for the drugs Slidenafil and Taladafil.

Both of these have been proven in countless studies to help relive the symptoms of ED.

You pay a low monthly fee, and Bluechew mails you a certain amount of tablets.

The amount is dependent on how much you have sex, so there’s plans for everybody’s activity levels.


For those that don’t want to take supplements or drugs, there are penis enhancement programs like Phalogenics.

Their video tutorials will guide you through how to naturally make your penis bigger with a few minutes of effort per day.

Just like the other muscles within your body, the tissues that make up the penis can be exercised and stimulated it make it bigger and stronger.

This is a great approach for anyone that wants to improve their sexual performance and confidence without the use of anything external.

Apex Enhance XL

Imagine being able to take a single supplement and experiencing:

  1. Larger and longer lasting erections
  2. Body shaking orgasms
  3. Pleasuring your partner like you never have before
  4. A bigger penis
  5. Increased stamina and energy
  6. Restored confidence and self esteem

That can be a reality if you take Apex Enhance XL.

Their natural pills include ingredients like boron, tongkat ali, saw palmetto, orchic, nettle root extract, wild yam extract, and more.

All of these combined boost testosterone, libido, happiness, and improve many other components of your life outside sex.

Volume 500

Are you embarrassed about expelling small amounts of semen?

How about that your sperm isn’t good enough to have a child?

Volume 500 can fix both of those problems and more.

It’s a tablet you take which improves both semen quality and quantity.

You will be able to shoot much larger loads that will have your girlfriend screaming for more.

Final thoughts

Is Vars Performance legit? Will it renew your sex life, energy, and confidence.


You can trust Vars Performance pills for the following reasons:

  • Customers can get a free trial to test it for themselves.
  • It uses natural ingredients which are scientifically proven to work.
  • It doesn’t involve medical procedures or harmful drugs like other products.

Don’t let your sex life suffer any longer. Try Vars Performance today.