Do you want to boost your sex drive?

Not feeling as energetic as you used to?

Don’t worry. There are many natural approaches you can take to boosting your libido, and herbs are one of the ways to do so.

The food we eat has a fast and direct effect on every function in the body, and that also means our sex drive.

If you eat the right foods, you can look forward to having better sex and enjoying it more frequently.

On the flip side, if your diet is poor, you may notice that you have issues becoming aroused and having the stamina to last in bed.

Here are some great libido herbs you should try to get more in your diet.

Maca root

The maca plant is native to Peru, and has quickly become one of the most widely used herbs for alleviating erectile dysfunction, enhancing sex drive, and solving other sexual ailments.

It grows in areas where other plants commonly have trouble surviving, and is similar to broccoli, cauliflower, and kale because it’s a cruciferous vegetable.

The root is the main edible component. Most of the time the root is grounded down into a powder and consumed that way. Some mix it with honey, applesauce, or another sweet snack to make it easily digestible.

It’s also possible to get maca root in a capsule form for convenience.

Besides being great for libido, the root of this plant contains plenty of vitamin C, fiber, copper, iron, manganese, potassium, and vitamin B6. This means that you will also be doing a good thing for your overall health by consuming maca.

However, sticking on the main point of discussion today, there have been studies proving the effectiveness of maca root and its ability to increase libido.

For example, researchers once performed a 12 week double blind placebo controlled, randomized, parallel trial. Patients were given varying doses of maca or a placebo. The men in the study were aged from 21-56 and given 1,500mg or 3,000mg of maca besides the placebo group.

Sexual desire, depression, and anxiety were all measured at the four, eight, and 12 week mark. Researchers concluded that there was indeed an improvement in sexual desire by eight weeks, but testosterone didn’t change.


One of the first herbs for libido that comes to mind for most people is ginseng. It’s universally known as an ancient herb used to treat sexual dysfunctions and provide increased amounts of energy.

This is exactly why you should try to get more ginseng into your diet. Capsules are the easiest way to do so, but you could also turn raw ginseng into a tea or use it in other meals as a spice.

It is capable of increasing libido and improving erectile function mainly due to that it enhances nitric oxide synthesis within the body, and also the penis region. Nitric oxide is responsible for dilating blood vessels, which is crucial if you want to have a healthy sex drive and performance.


Ginger is similar to ginseng in the sense that it has been used for centuries by ancient cultures for improving sexual disorders. It’s also a bit easier to get into your diet because it can be made into a tea, used as a spice, or taken in capsule form. You can find it health stores, regular grocery stores, or websites like Amazon.

It’s affordable and effective, which is an incredible combination. But what does it do for libido, exactly?

One of the main benefits ginger offers is its ability to increase blood flow around the body. This gets oxygen, nutrients, and other elements in blood flowing freely, and helps with gaining erections.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a plant native to Southeast Asia that contains various flavonoids, alkaloids, and antioxidants.

A study from 2010 investigated whether or not this plant, scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia Jack, could enhance male fertility. 350 patients were involved in the study, and they were all given 200mg of extract on a daily basis. Every three to nine months there was a follow up analysis. 75 of these patients completed a full cycle, and overall researchers concluded that Tongkat Ali can significantly increase sperm quality and chance of successful pregnancies.


Orchic is bovine testicle extract. As unappealing as that sounds, it makes sense that it would boost testosterone and libido since male hormones originate from that organ to begin with.

Studies have shown that it does indeed improve testosterone levels and sperm count, so this is another niche herb to keep in mind.

You can find it online in capsule form. Don’t worry!


Saffron is a delicious spice that is also known to be somewhat expensive, so this isn’t a mandatory herb that increases libido if you want to keep your budget more frugal.

However, countries like Greece have historically consumed saffron for its ability to improve sexual desire, memory, and other bodily functions. It’s a very well rounded plant to get into your diet for general health because of this reason.

Furthermore, one study found that 30mg of saffron every day had significant impact on erectile function in men.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a very common ingredient in erectile dysfunction supplements because of its ability to make you more easily aroused and horny.

It isn’t necessarily an easy herb to come across, which is why we recommend taking a supplement like Apex Enhance XL or Activ Forte to make it easier to consume, while also gaining other benefits from the additional ingredients.


Yep, spinach! You’d be surprised how much vegetables and greens in general can enhance your sex life. Spinach specifically contains a lot of zinc, which is found in high quantities within semen. When you ejaculate, a lot of zinc leaves the body and it needs to be restored if you wish to have healthy sperm and semen.

Spinach also reduces inflammation in your blood vessels which helps blood move freely around the body, making you more easily aroused.