Premature ejaculation plagues many men all around the world. In fact, it’s estimated that one in three men suffer from it.

It’s characterized by not being able to withhold ejaculation and orgasm during sex.

This often leads to a lack of self esteem, confidence, and sexual enjoyment.

Despite it being a very common issue, there are many things you can do to delay premature ejaculation or solve it completely.

One way to do so is by performing PE exercises that train you to last longer in bed.

Today we will be teaching you what causes premature ejaculation and what you can do about it today.

What causes PE?

We first need to speak about the different kinds of premature ejaculation before defining what causes it.

The first type is called life long or primary PE. This is typically associated with having trouble holding in an orgasm since the very first time you had sex. It wasn’t acquired later on it, but began occurring since early sexual experiences. This type can be caused by:

  • Psychological barriers such as anxiety, depression, or trauma encountered earlier in life that would make a man nervous about sex.
  • Certain cultural beliefs that shun sex as a shameful act.
  • Conditioning one self to ejaculate early to not get caught or out of habit while masturbating.

The second type of premature ejaculation is called acquired or secondary PE. This is the type of sexual disorder which is acquired later in life, and didn’t necessarily begin occurring right away when you became sexually active. It is believed that this occurs because of:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, and similar situations can all contribute to having problems in bed. You may not feel like you’re in the mood to have sex or please your partner, so you purposely on subconsciously orgasm as quickly as possible.
  • Health issues with your thyroid, blood pressure, or prostate.
  • Problems within a relationship that can manifest as PE. You may feel pressure and nervousness when having sex with your partner, forcing you to ejaculate sooner than you should.

Here are some other reasons that contribute to some cases of PE:

Premature ejaculation causes

It’s wise to reflect on your lifestyle, health, and relationship to determine what type of premature ejaculation you have and what may be causing it.

While the exercises we will be outlining ahead are effective, it’s also good to address other changes you could make. Perhaps you can begin exercising more, improve elements of the relationship with your partner, eat better, etc.

Premature ejaculation symptoms

Most experts classify premature ejaculation as reaching orgasm in less than two minutes into penetration. Different sources and individuals may define PE slightly differently, but the general consensus is quickly ejaculating out of control within a very short time span during sex.

If you believe you are experiencing PE or have by diagnosed by a doctor, try out the following exercises to improve your condition.

Premature ejaculation exercises


A very common practice to last longer in bed is edging. This is the practice of masturbating to either porn or your imagination, but stopping every time you get very close to orgasm.

This trains your penis and brain to not finish as quickly, and allows you to withhold orgasm for longer periods.

You can do this exercise every day and get close to the “edge” several times in one session.

Train arousal sensitivity

Similar to the first exercise, you can train yourself to handle sexual stimulation better by purposely watching porn or imagining sexual experiences but not reaching orgasm.

What’s different here compared to edging is that you don’t need to physically pleasure yourself. You simply want to be able to increase the threshold of easily you get aroused.

Some men get so excited when they have sex that they ejaculate quickly, which this exercise helps.

Strengthen the pelvic floor

Just like any other region of the body, the pelvic area can be trained to be stronger through special exercises. This is normally done via what is known as kegels. To perform a kegel exercise for premature ejaculation, follow these steps:

  1. The next time you pee, try holding in your bladder several times and stopping the flow of urine. This strengthens the muscles used to control orgasms.
  2. Try contracting and flexing the penis to have more control over it during sex.
  3. Tense the sphincter in your butt several times, and perform a few sets of this exercise.

While these can seem simple and a bit silly, don’t kick it until you try it!

Perform penis exercises

Would you like to grow your penis, delay premature ejaculation, and achieve healthier erections all at the same time?

If you said yes, keep reading.

Besides doing the aforementioned exercises, there are movements you can perform on your penis that will increase its length, girth, and overall strength.

We touched on these in-depth in a previous article here if you’d like detailed instructions. However, this is a quick recap of penis exercises that help PE:

  1. Touch the index finger and thumb together. Stick your penis through the hole the two fingers form, and move up and down the penis. Tighten as you go up, and loosen as you go down. Perform several sets and repetitions of this. You are effectively stretching out the penis, stimulating blood flow, and getting used to the sensation similar to sex.
  2. Pull on the head of the penis to stretch it, but not an uncomfortable amount. Think of it like when you’re working out at the gym. You never push yourself to the point where it hurts, just simply beyond your comfort zone to grow. Once you’ve done this, move and hold the penis in different directions.
  3. Simply massage the penis to stimulate blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to enter the organ. Try to purposely not get an erection, and don’t masturbate to the point of orgasm. The goal is to get used to the penis being stimulated so sex doesn’t feel so different your PE acts up.

Final thoughts on premature ejaculation exercises

PE can have a serious impact on your happiness and relationship. However, you can do something about it.

We recommend that you try out the various exercises for premature ejaculation we outlined today.

You may find that a particular one is the most effective for your situation, and sometimes a combination of them works best.

It’s also good to ensure that you exercise, eat healthy, and get the recommended amount of sleep for your age, too.

Overall health plays a big role in erectile function and sexual performance.