Struggling with your penis size?

Feeling low self esteem or worrying if your girlfriend will leave you?

Don’t worry.

Millions of men are in the same position.

But you don’t have to be anymore.

You CAN do something about it to restore your confidence and get back to living life again.

There are penis enlargement programs like Phalogenics that will teach you proven strategies for achieving bigger, harder, and longer lasting erections.

Imagine being able to please your girlfriend, improve your relationship, and boost your confidence all at once.

That’s why we’re doing this Phalogenics review today…

To show you how to achieve a larger and harder erection thanks to their highly reviewed program.

Follow along if you’d like to learn more.

What is Phalogenics?


Phalogenics is a natural penile enhancement program that uses scientifically proven natural techniques. Men following their program can easily increase the girth and size of their penis, and the methods are shown via simple video tutorials.

Their program gets straight to the point, allowing you to jump straight to results as soon as possible.

Phalogenics began as a secret set of strategies that eventually went viral because it was helping so many guys regain their confidence and sex life.

It’s ideal for any gentleman that wants to get bigger and harder with just a few minutes of work everyday.

Many people believe that the average penis length is approximately 5.5″ or slightly more, but Phalogenics has discovered it’s closer to 7″. Are you below or above average compared to these numbers?

If you’re below average and want to pack on some length, this program is for you. Guys who are well hung can still benefit by growing even bigger.

The program doesn’t use pumps, creams, or pills. It’s all natural techniques, and you can try Phalogenics today 100% risk free.

How does Phalogenics work?

Now that you know what Phalogenics is, let’s talk a bit more about how their program actually works.

All parts of the human body can be stimulated to grow, get stronger, and change. This includes the penis. It doesn’t matter if it’s your muscles, ligaments, or tendons, they all adapt to stress by trying to become bigger, stronger, and faster.

This is how we changed throughout the course of evolution. We would constantly be bombarded with physical and mental stress, so all of these regions of the body had to grow.

See where we’re going with this?

The penis itself isn’t composed of tendons, ligaments, or skeletal muscle tissue for that matter.

However, it is made of smoother forms of muscle and blood vessels that are filled when you gain an erection. Like any other part of the body, it can be exercised to become larger and stronger. Don’t you want that?

One of the most important things to understand is that the penis is like a sponge. The tissue the penis is made of is called corpora cavernosa. It’s very similar to sponges found in the ocean, where their pores stretch and cause them to heal in an expanded state. The cells of the pore are than capable of absorbing more fluid, water, and nutrients.

The penis isn’t much different.

Think about exercising with weights, for example. If you already hit the gym, then you can relate to this…

When you perform resistance training against a muscle group, it stretches and forces the muscle to rebuild bigger, and allows more fluid to enter it. Now imagine being able to exercise your penis to the extent where it wants to naturally get larger and hold more blood.

Phalogenics program will teach you penis enlargement exercises that stimulate the muscle, tissues, and blood capillaries in the penis to permanently increase its size and girth.

These exercises don’t cause the penis necessarily to grow new cells, but rather to stimulate it to the point where it wants to grow the existing cells due to stress. As you rest, just like you would in between days at the gym, your penis will recover and grow bigger as a result.

We wanted to make sure you have a clear understanding of how a program like this works before you embark on the journey of finally getting your confidence back.

Phalogenics benefits

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff: what you gain by using Phalogenics.

Bigger and thicker erections

The biggest noticeable and physical benefit you will gain by following the Phalogenic program is a bigger penis, both in terms of size and girth.

This also means that you will be able to achieve larger and harder erections.

Remember that the average penis length is approximately 7″, so it will allow you to finally be average or beyond.

More confidence and self esteem

Let’s be honest.

If you have a small penis or can’t get a big erection, it’s going to hurt your self esteem and confidence.

It will be on your mind all the time, and you won’t feel like a real man.

This can then demotivate you to pursue a relationship, hit the gym, or develop yourself in other ways.

Imagine finally having a bigger penis, and the emotions that would accompany it.

Would you feel like you had a new lease on life? Motivated to do all of those things you’re putting off?

Having a larger penis will improve your life in so many different ways than you realize.

It can give you the drive to make more friends, pursue a good career, and so much more.

Improved relationships


If you have a small penis, you may not be able to please your girlfriend or have a great relationship with her.

Heck, she might even leave you if you can’t satisfy her in bed.

It’s not that sex is important in a superficial way, but rather it’s needed to grow a bond between partners.

This means that you can have a longer lasting and more intimate relationship with your partner.

By being a more confident boyfriend, she’ll be more attracted to you, and you will be more assertive in other life situations.

Better overall health

If you’re having problems or insecurities with your penis, it can cause you to fall into a state of depression.

This can then prevent you from exercising, eating healthy, or sleeping properly.

Furthermore, it can increase the general amount of stress you feel.

The average American man rates his stress 4.9/10, and having insecurities around your body can make this much higher.

Once you have relieved yourself of this burden, you will experience better mental and physical health.

Once you regain your self esteem and confidence through Phalogenics, you will have the energy and motivation to be healthy in other ways.

Some men find themselves exercising more, watching what they eat, and feeling like their living a brand new life.

Phalogenics side effects

Here’s the great thing about Phalogenics: there are no side effects!

Side effects can only be caused by drugs, gels, and other similar products.

(There are some male enhancement drugs like Bluechew that are very safe, though!)

Phalogenics is simple exercises you follow on a daily basis to grow your penis. That’s it!

It doesn’t require you to buy any medicine or pharmaceuticals that can have nasty side effects.

However, like any other form of exercise, you may experience:

  • Soreness
  • Temporary flushing of skin
  • Drop in energy

This occurs because you are exerting the body and exposing it to stress, so it’s only natural and okay that you get regular exercise induced side effects.

But since the penis is such a small organ, these effects are minimal, to begin with.

Plalogenics scam or legit?

One question on your mind is probably “Does Phalogenics work?” and you’re right to be skeptical.

That’s why we researched the company and countless online testimonials to generate a conclusion.

Here’s what we found…

Firstly, there are plenty of positive reviews and videos on YouTube about Phalogenics.

Phalogenics YouTube

Some of them go back a couple of years which is a good sign, as well. This shows that they’ve been known for quite some time.

Another point to consider is that Phalogenics has an active blog where they teach me how to improve their confidence, sexual performance, and more for free.

Phalogenics blog

A company that only wanted people’s money wouldn’t be doing something like this.

Thirdly, they have a 60 day money back guarantee and complete transparency via privacy, refund, and anti spam policies you can read yourself.

Final thoughts on our Phalogenics review

Phalogenics has a proven track record to be a natural approach to growing your penis.

If you’re insecure about how big you are or worried that it’s affecting the relationship with your loved one, try Phalogenics today 100% risk free.

The exercises can be done from the comfort of your home and don’t involve any expensive or dangerous procedures. That’s one of the biggest benefits of taking a natural approach to male enhancement.

You can also pair these exercises with other techniques like eating foods good for the penis and sperm to see better results.