How would you rate your sex drive out of ten?

If it needs improvement, don’t worry.

You’re in the right place.

Today we are going to be discussing the best ways to raise libido.

Sex drive plays an important role in our relationships, confidence, and other areas.

If you have low libido, then it may be a sign that you have to improve upon certain lifestyle choices.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to increase libido naturally.

Begin exercising on a regular basis

Exercise and libido are directly connected. If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, you can’t expect your sex drive to be as high as it could be.

For example, take this study from 2017 that set out to determine the association of exercise and sexual libido.

They developed an online questionnaire that surveyed 1,077 participants. The questions pertained to exercise habits, libido levels, and physical traits. This allowed researchers to place the participants into three different categories, which consisted of low, normal, and high sex drive.

The study concluded that age, exercise intensity, and the duration of training had a significant impact on libido levels. Training intensity and duration were the biggest factors for libido specifically. This means that if you train hard and for longer periods, you will increase your libido much more compared to less stressful and quicker workouts.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time or at all, take it easy at first.

Gradually exercise a couple of times per week and build from there.

Slowly raise the intensity and duration of your workouts, and you will notice a direct effect on sex drive.

Here are some ideas for exercises that increase libido.


Lifting weights as vast amounts of benefits for men.

Firstly, weightlifting has been proven to increase testosterone which is directly linked to a man’s sex drive, stamina, and prowess. If you want more sexual energy, weights might be what you’re after.

Additionally, putting stress on your body via weights will force your body to grow and get stronger. This will transfer over to sex while also making you more confident. All of this will make your sex life much better.

With weights it’s best to focus on compound movements, which are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. These include:

  • The squat: Squatting can be performed with dumbbells, a barbell, or with your own body weight. Squats mostly work the legs and core, and have been shown to increase testosterone and growth hormone. Focus on keeping your chest up, breathing into your stomach to brace the core, and going as deep as you can. Try not to perform half or quarter repetitions as they stunt performance, safety, and growth.
  • Deadlifting: Often called the king of exercises, the deadlift can be completed with a barbell or set of dumbbells. There are also different forms of deadlifting, such as conventional, sumo, stiffed legged, and Romanian.
  • Bench press: Do this movement with either dumbbells for a deeper stretch or barbell for the classic exercise. Make sure to touch the bar on your chest and explode upwards.
  • Rows: Machine, barbell, and dumbbell rows are amazing for growing the back and biceps. Pull towards your lower stomach to activate more of the back muscles.
  • Dips: Another great exercise for developing chest, shoulder, and arm muscles. Try doing assisted dips with a machine if you’re new, and gradually build up to doing only body weight. Advanced weightlifters can hold a dumbbell or other weight in between their legs during sets.
  • Chinups: Similar to rows, chinups work the back, biceps, and rear shoulder.

Curls, leg extensions, and other isolation movements are fine to do, but leave them for the end of workouts. Put your energy and focus into compound movements first.


A common mistake men make is that they only pursue weights or a single form of exercise. While some exercise is better than none at all, you still need to be smart about how you use your body.

If you’re only lifting weights, you won’t be improving your heart health that much. This is exactly why you also need to incorporate cardio into your exercise regimen.

Scientific studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise decreases the risk of developing heart disease, increases nitric oxide within the body, and offers many other health benefits.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your libido, look no further.

Like all forms of exercise, there are several ways you can approach cardio. For example, you can:

  • Running: You don’t need anything but a pair of shoes to go run around the block. Go at your own pace, time yourself, and listen to some tunes to make it more enjoyable.
  • Walking: No matter your age or physical condition, you can benefit from going for short walks every day. Try walking to school, work, or other places you commonly visit.
  • Swimming: During the spring and summer, nothing beats a refreshing swim in the heat. Alternatively you can swim at a gym or public pool.
  • Hiking: Research hiking trails that are near you and get some fresh air while enjoying nature.


While some men think that yoga isn’t very manly, it’s an insanely health habit to pick up.

Look at someone like Joe Rogan. He’s an incredible shape, in his 50’s, and does yoga on a regular basis. He talks about the importance of it as a growing athlete in this video:

Doing weights, cardio, and yoga gives you the holy grail of exercising.

You work your muscles, heart, and flexibility every week.

Combined you will have amazing testosterone levels, libido, and a physique that can make any man jealous.

This brings us to our next point.

Eat foods that boost libido

Exercising is crucial, but diet is even more important.

As they say, you are what you eat.

And the foods you eat play a huge role in your sex drive. Here are some foods you need to get more into your diet to boost libido.


Ginger has been used for centuries by different cultures as a way to naturally raise libido and resolve ailments like erectile dysfunction. This is why researchers studied whether or not it had real proven effects for these reasons.

This study looked at both ginger and turmeric on male reproductive function. Their study took male Wistar rats which were divided into seven groups. One group specifically received turmeric and ginger. Later in the study, the rats were induced with hypertension, and the group that consumed ginger did not experience decreases in reproductive biomarkers like the other rats did.

You can get more ginger into your diet by a few different means. The first way would be to simply buy ground ginger, and take it by the spoonful. Mix it with water, lemon juice, or something else like apple sauce to make it more enjoyable.

Alternatively you can make ginger into a tea by simply steeping ginger roots or leaves. There are also tea bags which contain ginger to make this more convenient.

Lastly, ginger can be added to various meals as a spice and seasoning.


Another herb that has a similar reputation to ginger in terms of improving libido and sexual performance is ginseng.

Studies have shown in laboratory animals that Asian and American forms of ginseng are capable of improving libido and other sexual functions. This is mostly due to its ability to promote vasodiliation, relaxation of the penis tissue, release nitric oxide, and secrete hormones within the body.

Try taking a ginseng supplement every day, making it into a tea, or eat it raw if you have the stomach!


We hope you like your veggies because spinach is an amazing vegetable for increasing libido. This is thanks to the fact it contains a high amount of magnesium, which improves blood flow throughout the body.

This helps gentlemen get and sustain erections easier while getting aroused faster, too.

Try making a salad and adding spinach into it or creating a chicken wrap that includes this leafy vegetable.

Reduce stress and anxiety

If you’re stressed out or constantly feeling anxiety, you’re not going to have a very high sex drive.

When you feel stressed out or anxious, your brain doesn’t care about other details like sex and arousal.

It’s trying to live because hormones like cortisol push your body into fight or flight mode. While it might just be work or school stressing you out, the primal part of your brain reacts as if you are facing a life or death situation.

Because of this, sex gets pushed down the list of priorities and you won’t feel easily aroused. Here are some easy ways to reduce stress and raise libido as a result.


Meditation is a simple technique for improving focus, emotional balance, and reducing stress.

There are many different forms of meditation, but the simplest is breathing meditation. You can practice this form of meditating by sitting down crossed legged on a floor, mat, bed, etc. Begin breathing into your abdomen feeling it rise up and down. Listen to the breath at the back of your throat at the same time. Every time a thought or feeling arises, refocus back on your breathing pattern. Repeat this for 5-15 minutes.

Get out in nature

There’s something about getting out in nature for a walk, hike, or bicycle ride that is calming and refreshing. This is why we suggest that you look up local nature trails or areas you can enjoy the outdoors and spend time there on a regular basis.

Hang around friends that uplift you

Spending time with friends that make you feel great is called social medicine in social psychology.

The neurotransmitter oxytocin is released when we bond and feel close to another person. This can be a friend, family member, or significant other.

When you hang around like-minded and uplifting individuals, they will boost your mood and reduce stress at the same time.

They may even have advice and paradigms to share about your life situation that’s causing the anxiety in the first place.