Welcome to our Hims ED review.

Today we will be looking at Hims’ product, pricing, and testimonials to determine if their erectile dysfunction pills are effective and worth your money.

There are many different options on the market right now for solving symptoms of ED, such as Bluechew and Viagra.

It can be tough deciding on a single product, so we researched Hims so you don’t have to.

Continue reading if you want to learn if their pills can help your erectile dysfunction.

What are Hims ED pills?

Hims Sildenafil

Hims sells a generic erectile dysfunction medication called Sildenafil. It is the active ingredient in other products like Viagra.

Sildenafil is scientifically known as a PDE-5 inhibitor. There is a special enzyme in the body that unfortunately blocks blood from entering the penis, and this drug prevents that from happening to begin with.

The result is better blood circulation to the penis, and the ability to get and sustain erections.

Drugs like these can be serious life changers for men that have suffered from sexual dysfunctions like ED or premature ejaculation.

These issues typically bring low self-esteem and relationship problems.

One of the best parts about using a service like Hims is that you don’t need to physically go visit a doctor. That implies no awkwardness when explaining your penis situation, waiting in line, or getting expensive medical bills.

You simply order from the comfort of your home and get your ED solved quickly.

Let’s talk a bit more about Sildenafil, though.

This oral drug has been used for decades to treat men who have struggled to obtain or keep erections during sexual intercourse. There are many different reasons that it can occur in the first place with diet, exercise, psychology, and culture playing into it.

It specifically helps the smooth muscle of the penis, called corpus cavernosum, to relax. Blood pressure is also reduced as a result of consuming Sildenafil, and in some cases causes hypotension. Sildenafil also rapidly absorbs into the body with effects happening within 20-30 minutes. If you need a quick pick-me-up, there’s practically no better option than this drug.

Dosage ranges from 50-100mg, and some men with a sensitivity to the drug opt for lower amounts. It’s always recommended to begin with a low dose and build upwards until the desired effects are felt. Typically is taken an hour before sexual activity and once per day at maximum.

One study involving 3,000 patients suffering from ED had these individuals on 5-100mg of Sildenafil or a placebo to measure the effectiveness on the hardness, duration, and frequency of erections. They concluded that Sildenafil was able to significantly increase erectile dysfunction and quality of life for patients and their partners. This is because sex plays a big role in relationships and if a man isn’t able to please his partner, it can create problems.

It’s also important to note that no serious adverse effects happened during their trials, which also proves the safety of this drug.

We would also like to note that Hims sells other sexual performance products including Tadalafil, premature ejaculation spray, Sertraline, and Stendra. These can also help with erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders.

Hims products

Hims ED pill price

Hims offers a one-time $30 discount for new customers which allows you to try their product for only $5. Otherwise, 10 x 20mg pills would cost a total of $35.

Generic forms of Sildenafil like their’s are much cheaper than brand names like Viagra which can run you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

We highly recommend checking out Bluechew, which is another Sildenafil and Tadalafil subscription service with unbeatable pricing.

Him ED testimonials

Let’s see what some happy customers had to say about their experience with Hims. These are a couple of testimonials taken from Drugs.com:

Another Hims review Hims review

Here’s another great testimonial from Trustpilot about Hims that speaks to its effectiveness and convenience:

Hims Trustpilot

Things to consider before taking Sildenafil

Drugs like what Hims offer are amazing for solving erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other sexual disorders. However, it’s wise to ensure that you also have your lifestyle is in order, too.

This begins with exercising a few times per week at a minimum. If you’re new to exercising, start small. Try going for a walk or jog and gradually build up to exercising more often and at higher intensities.

Similarly you also need to take care of your diet, as food has a huge role in erectile dysfunction. The foods you eat have a direct effect on testosterone, blood flow, and other functions within the body that improve or worsen ED.

For example, you typically want to eat more dark leafy vegetables, consume minerals like zinc, and go easy on the junk food. This will promote nitric oxide production within the body, opening up blood vessels and helping more blood flow to the penis.

Sleep is also crucial for your overall health and wellbeing, so try to get in 7-8 hours every night.