40% of men will experience erectile dysfunction by the age of 40.

It’s a completely normal and common ailment to have.

However, it’s life changing.

Erectile dysfunction can impact relationships, confidence, happiness, self esteem, and more.

Luckily there are many natural and medical approaches to curing erectile dysfunction, and we’d like to talk about them today.

If you want to restore your happiness, sex life, and say goodbye to ED, try out some of the following ED cures.


One of the first approaches for men suffering from ED is to take pharmaceutical pills like Sildenafil, Viagara, Adcirca, and others.

These drugs are scientifically proven to work, and often have little side effects when used properly.

Most of these ED drugs work in a similar manner, too.

The main function is to help more blood flow into the penis, allowing men to attain and keep erections for longer periods of time.

We’d like to talk a little bit more about some of the most popular ED drug choices so you can make an informed decision if you go this route.


This drug, like many others for erectile dysfunction, is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It prevents a special enzyme which blocks blood flow to the penis from activating. As a result, the penis is able to become erect much easier and quicker.

The onset for Sildenafil is upwards to 30 minutes, and lasts for two hours. This is perfect men that know their going to have sex, and need a way to boost their performance.

At the end of the day, ED is only really affecting you when you have sex. That means you don’t necessarily have to be able to get an erection 24/7, which is why Sildenafil is an excellent choice for most gentlemen.


Commonly sold under brand names like Cialis, Taladafil works very similarly to Sildenafil except that it lasts up to 36 hours. If you’re a busy man, this is the better choice. It will give you the ability to get erections for more than an entire day after you take it if you don’t know necessarily know exactly when you’ll have sex.

We highly recommend that you consider investing into a service like Bluechew. They will mail Sildenafil or Taladafil directly to your door step. This allows you to skip awkward doctor visits, and cure ED from the comfort of your home.

Bluechew also offers several plans depending on your activity level, and the pricing is very fair from the benefits you will gain. These include enjoying sex again, improved confidence, and having better relationships.


Erectile dysfunction food

You are what you eat. Consuming foods that boost testosterone and enhance blood flow is a simple trick to cure ED. One of the safest and best approaches you can take is to refine your diet, exercise regimen(More on that later), and take supplements before investing into drugs.

If you can solve your erectile dysfunction naturally, why wouldn’t you? Even if it doesn’t make any drastic changes and you take something like Viagra, you’ve still improved your lifestyle, health, and many other things about yourself.

Here are some foods that are good for ED you need to consume more of.


Do you like your vegetables? If not, you need to try to get more of them in your diet because veggies like spinach are amazing for ED. Spinach specifically contains plenty of micro-nutrients like magnesium which opens up blood vessels. Vasodialation is crucial for bettering your condition since it helps more blood flow to the penis and surrounding areas.

Try adding spinach to a salad or mixing it into a smoothie.


Whether it’s tuna, salmon, yellowtail, or another type of fish, getting seafood into your regular diet is great for ED. This is primarily thanks to the healthy fats found in fish. Healthy fats, especially omega-3’s, help balance your hormone levels and this include testosterone.

When you have healthier testosterone levels, many great changes occur within the body. They include enhanced libido, energy levels, stamina, and blood circulation.

Try cooking fish along with rice and a salad for a balanced meal. Fish can also be made into other dishes like pasta, sandwiches, and stews.


Few herbs have the reputation for curing sexual dysfunctions like ginseng does. It’s been used for centuries by different cultures to boost libido and help with issues like erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng can be consumed in many different ways, as well. Those with a strong stomach can try raw ginseng or taking a spoonful of a powdered version. You may want to try making it into a tea or using it as a spice for other dishes.


Another natural aphrodisiac is ginger. This herb can be made into a tea or used as a spice.

Coffee (More specifically Caffeine)

Who doesn’t love a nice cup of coffee in the morning? It’s normal to feel energized and very alert thanks to the caffeine found in coffee beans. But did you know that it also works to help with ED?

The stimulation and blood circulation you get by consuming caffeine can act as a good pick-me-up before sex if you need an easier time becoming aroused.

Some people swear by adding in dark chocolate, coconut oil, or other healthy food items to make their coffee even better.


Another natural cure for erectile dysfunction can be found within supplements. These health supplements contain very specific ingredients that are proven to release nitric oxide, open blood vessels, and boost testosterone. As a result, you may find that you have an easier time becoming erect.

Here are some erectile dysfunction supplements you should consider taking.

Activ Forte

This supplement was made by an adult actor that wanted to give the everyday man like yourself a huge boost in sexual performance. It will enhance your libido, make your erections rock hard, and even helps with premature ejaculation.

Activ Forte contains proven ingredients like maca root, Korean ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. All of these improve erectile function, nitric oxide production, and circulation.

Volume 500

This supplement has many different sexual benefits including improving the quality and quantity of your semen and bigger erections. This is thanks to the natural ingredients they include in each tablet like ginger, zinc oxide, asparagus extract, ganoderma lucidum, and celery.

There are also multiple different plans you can choose from to match your activity level. It’s a very well rounded erectile dysfunction supplement, and the best part about Volume 500 is that it’s natural. That means you can’t experience any side effects because it’s not a pharmaceutical drug.

Apex Enhance XL

This male enhancement supplement enables men to get bigger erections, explosive orgasms, and increased amounts of stamina. As a result it can improve relationships, confidence, and other elements tied to one’s sexual performance.

The blend of natural ingredients including Boron, Tongkat Ali, and orchic contribute to all of these benefits.


Exercises for ED

Yes, exercise can cure erectile dysfunction. There are essentially two routes you can take for ED exercises, which are:

  1. General exercise: Weightlifting, cardio, yoga, and other forms of exercise can transform your body, mind, and health. As a result, it can improve erectile function, blood circulation, testosterone, growth hormone, and other important elements that improve sexual performance.
  2. Penis exercises: These are exercises you can do from the comfort of your home that are proven to help improve penis function, length, girth and more.

Let’s touch on these a bit more in-depth.

General exercises you can do for ED

According to the International Society of Sexual Medicine, exercise is very capable of improving cases of erectile dysfunction.

But, what kind of exercises should you do? We recommend that you consider the following.

  • Weightlifting: Bench press, rows, deadlifts, squats, and other compound movements work many muscles at once. This makes them more efficient exercises, saving you time and giving you a better overall workout. Putting more stress on the body at once like this also releases more growth hormone, endorphins, and testosterone.
  • Cardio: It’s suggested that every adult should get approximately 30 minutes of moderately intense cardio in three times per week. If you can increase this amount, that’s even better. Running, walking, hiking, swimming, and cycling are popular forms of cardio. This will improve your heart health and enhance how easily blood circulates throughout the body.
  • Yoga: Don’t underestimate the power of flexibility and mobility that yoga can bring. In fact, daily stretching can improve blood flow in your body, and as a result helps with ED. Whether you do yoga from home watching tutorial videos or go to a class, try to do it at least once per week.

Wrapping up cures for ED

There are mainly three cures for erectile erectile dysfunction.

The first is through the use of drugs like Sildenafil and Taladafil.

When safely used on the supervision of a medical professional, they are very effective at treating ED and you will experience little to no side effects.

However, it’s also good to make lifestyle changes to see if that improves your case first. Even if you go the pharmaceutical route, making healthy lifestyle changes will benefit you more.

These changes mostly consist of diet, supplements, and exercise.

Eating foods that increase nitric oxide and testosterone will help with libido, erectile function, and energy levels.

Exercise and supplements that we outlined today will potentiate these improvements.