Erectile dysfunction can ruin your life.

It destroys confidence, sex lives, and the will to go about your day.

“What kind of man can’t get an erection?” is a common question those suffering from ED ask themselves.

It’s okay.

A study in the UK concluded that nearly half of men in their 30’s had trouble getting or keeping an erection.

It’s not just older gentlemen who are having this problem.

However, it’s even worse for younger men.

If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s with ED, it can prevent you from having children or growing a relationship with your partner.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Follow along as we cover the best erectile dysfunction drugs that will get your life back.


Bluechew - one of the best erectile dysfunction drugs

Bluechew is changing healthcare as we know it.

Imagine not having to feel embarrassed walking into a doctor’s office to explain that you can’t get an erection.

That is a reality for Bluechew customers.

They offer a subscription system in which you pay a monthly fee to have Sildenafil or Tadalafil delivered to your door.

Their pricing is very competitive, so it keeps money in your pocket and drastically enhances your sex life for a little investment.

The Sildenafil chewable tablets are 30MG and the Tadalafil tablets are 6MG.

Here’s an example of their Sildenafil plans to get an idea of pricing.

Slidenafil plans

Bluewchew also offers professional medical support, which means no boring and cold waiting rooms while you wait to see a doctor.

All of it can now be done through the comfort of your home.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what’s in these erectile dysfunction pills.

What is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil helps relieve the symptoms of ED by allowing men to get and sustain healthy erections. This works by promoting blood flow to the penis, and all over the body.

At the end of the day, the penis is made up of sponge-like material, tissue, and blood vessels.

The problem for most men is that their age, testosterone, diet, and other factors prevent enough blood from entering the penis to begin with. This is what ED really is.

This drug has been studied by researchers for decades, as well. It has continually proven to be one of the most effective methods for treating erectile dysfunction.

Some patients experience the benefits of this miraculous ED medication within 12 minutes, and the latest being 30 minutes. This means if you need a quick pick-me-up before making love, this is the ED pill for you.

It lasts for up to four hours, which gives men plenty of time to get their business done.

Make sure to read our Hims Sildenafil review to learn more about how their product works.

This brings us to the other drug available from Bluewchew…


Tadalafil works very similarly to Slidenafil.

It promotes blood flow to the penis and has been shown to have no negative effects on sperm quality or testicular health as found in one study.

This means that you get to have a wonderful sex life, please your partner, feel amazing again, and there are little to no downsides.

The main difference between Bluechew’s plans is that Tadalafil can last up to 36 hours.

Customers will have to take less compared to Sildenafil, as the positive effects can literally last well into the next day.

Choose a plan based on your individual level of sexual activity.

Apex Enhance XL

Apex Hard

Are you interested in the following?

  • Larger and longer lasting erections
  • Body-shaking orgasms
  • A bigger penis
  • Higher energy and stamina in bed
  • Improved relationship with your partner

If so, you need to get Apex Enhance XL.

Read our review of this product here.

It is one of the best erectile dysfunction supplements because it’s all natural ingredients. While erectile dysfunction medicine like the ones offered from Bluechew are proven to be safe if you’re in the condition to take them, nothing beats mother nature.

You can have everything in check…

Exercise, diet, sleep, etc.

But sometimes you still can’t get an erection or sustain one long enough.

It can feel super embarrassing, especially when your girlfriend gets bored and doesn’t want to have sex anymore.

Rekindle your sex life today with Apex Enhance.

It uses ingredients like Boron, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, nettle root extract, and orchic to boost testosterone, vitality, libido, and a heap of other health benefits.

You can also look forward to things like:

  • More muscle mass and strength. This is perfect if you hit the gym or play sports. Better yet, you can throw your woman around in bed and make her more impressed than she’s ever been with you.
  • A healthier heart thanks to better testosterone levels, which have been shown to reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. Blood is able to move around your body better helps transport nutrients and oxygen, too.
  • Better emotional health, including happiness, confidence, and self esteem.

Get a free bottle of Apex Enhance XL today!

Volume 500

Volume 500 pills

Sick of not being able to shoot monster loads?

Your girlfriend is, too.

That’s why Volume 500 is here to help.

This natural erectile dysfunction supplement helps men achieve higher semen quality and quantity.

Not only will it help improve your sex life, but it will boost your confidence and worthiness as a man.

It’s not rare for gentlemen to feel low self esteem when they only dribble a bit of semen after an orgasm.

That’s enough to turn off any woman.

Similar to Bluechew, they offer monthly plans that will send you a predetermined amount of Volume 500 depending on how active you are.

We suggest that you read our Volume 500 review to learn more about it if you’re interested.

The ingredients in their pills include:

  • Celery: Believe it not, celery has been used for many years as a way to increase sexual performance in men. It’s packed with minerals like calcium, potassium, and other vitamins. Studies have shown that it can boost fertility in men, along with sperm count.
  • Lingzhi mushroom: This red kidney shaped mushroom enhances male hormones and blood flow to the penis. While Volume 500 is made mostly to improve sperm, it also helps with ED. You should also consider mixing Volume 500 with other ED medication, presuming it’s safe, to achieve bigger erections and loads at the same time.
  • Zinc oxide: One of the main minerals that directly affects semen quality and quantity is zinc. It is found in large quantities within semen, so it only makes sense to get more of it in your system, which is exactly what Volume 500 does.
  • Ginger: Ginger is well known in the health community as an amazing supplement for boosting energy, libido, and lowering inflammation within the body. Did you know that it can also help with ED? In combination with other ingredients, it has been found in studies to reverse or delay erectile dysfunction.
  • Asparagus extract: Not everyone likes to eat their veggies, but if there’s one you need, it’s asparagus. It naturally increases sexual stimulation, reduces inflammation, and provides many other essential nutrients at the same time.

Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, it’s easily one of the best drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Vars Performance

Vars Peformance pills

Vars Performance is a 100% natural erectile dysfunction supplement that can restore your confidence and vitality.

It works by improving how much nitric oxide is found within your body.

Nitric oxide is responsible for blood flow, which means low levels of it will prevent enough blood from entering your penis.

As a result, you’ll struggle to get hard even in the heat of the moment.

Poor diet, lack of exercising, and other causes contribute to a lack of nitric oxide in the body, but it can all be cured instantly with Vars Performance pills.

Countless scientific studies, such as the one performed by J Cartledge in 2001, proves that nitric oxide is the biggest contributing factor in relaxing and expanding the muscles in the penis.

There are many other benefits you will obtain other than better erections, such as higher libido, longer lasting energy, and deep happiness.

If you struggle to receive an erection, you probably don’t feel very good about yourself. You’re stressed. You’re worried. Put an end to that today.

Read our Vars Performance review to learn more.

Testo Max 200

Testo Max

Testo Max 200 is made by Natural Breakthroughs Research.

It is one of the best erectile dysfunction pills that will give you larger and much longer lasting erections.

Say goodbye to disappointing sex, and hello to freedom!

This supplement also gives its customers more libido and sex drive. You will feel like an animal as you rip off your partner’s clothes, and they will see a whole new you.

Since sex is a big component of relationships, this means that you will also have a better relationship with your lover.

You will be able to please them more and make them want to come back for more.


Who hasn’t heard of Viagra or seen their commercials? It’s the world’s most popular erectile dysfunction pills available today.

However, do you know what’s in it to make it so effective? Sildenafil! Yep, the drug that’s found in many other products on the market of the same nature.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Viagra is safe, has a great brand name, and is trusted by millions of men.

Final thoughts on the best ED drugs

ED is no joke. It can have a severe impact on your relationship and mental health if not taken care of.

The good news is that there are both non-prescription erectile dysfunction drugs and prescription ones you can take to start your journey to recovery.

You may also like our article on the best natural alternatives to Viagra and similar drugs with that being said.

Imagine the feeling you’d get being able to easily get hard and please your partner. It would be lifechanging.

That’s why you should try out one of the ED pills in today’s list along with making better lifestyle choices.

Sure, one of these drugs can do amazing things but you can get better results by also exercising, eating better, and having a consistent sleep schedule.